• Daily housekeeping
  • Washing and cleaning of linens within 24 hours
  • Irons, ironing boards, hair dryers and umbrellas may be borrowed
  • Telephone, fax and other office services
  • Room for hotel guests to leave luggage, without charge
  • MasterCard and Visa accepted
  • Free high-speed internet connection
  • Flight departure reservation confirmation
  • Parking in front of the hotel or in the garage for a fee
  • Concierge services provided by reception

Spacious rooms, intimacy of a family hotel, safety, quiet environs near the centre of the city and staff language proficiency – these are the requirements of demanding clientele, employees of foreign firms and tourists seeking a quiet and pleasant environment in Bratislava.

Tel.: 00421/2/555 72 522
Fax.: 00421/2/555 76 750
E-mail: bratislava@hotelarcus.sk
E-mail: info@hotelarcus.sk

Moskovská ul.5
811 08 Bratislava
Slovenská republika

Hotel ARCUS, s.r.o.
IČO: 36 794 767
DIČ: 202 240 19 53
IČ DPH: SK202 240 19 53

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